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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toilet Learning Continued...

Lizzy is still toilet learning but the good thing is she absolutely loves it the bad thing is she doesn't have to go very often and when she does she doesn't go in the potty. Right now it's more of an activity for her to put her underwear on and sit on the toilet or potty and she thinks it's a fun game. As parents I think we need more patience and time dedicated to this because at most she's in her underwear about an hour at a time then we switch her back into her diaper. The good thing is she is interested and learning about the potty. She can now pull her underwear and diaper on and off, she knows when she has to go and tells us once she's gone, she knows her potty books and tells us "bye bye diaper" when she's got her underwear on. I see some progress in her toilet learning.

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