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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changes in our Rhythm

Life is beginning to change gradually for us. I will be starting a new position as a counselor, counseling parents on positive parenting techniques. This means I will have to be away from Lizzy during the daytime. I worry for Lizzy and myself because I have stayed home with her all of her life and we have a set rhythm we follow daily. I wonder how these changes will affect her.

I am beyond thrilled to start a career doing what originally inspired me to go into the helping profession. A part of me is grieving having to leave Lizzy with someone else while I work. It's a hard decision but it is something I have thought a lot about and will ultimately benefit our little family. I am lucky to have found a job that will allow me to do what I love, with a very flexible schedule near our home.

Lizzy will be able to attend a fantastic Montessori school 2 days a week, the other days she will spend with grandma who she already loves staying with. After training I will be able to adjust my schedule to work from home and only have to leave the home when I have to see a family who needs counseling.
Lizzy on her 1st day of school

I can remember when Lizzy was 3 months old I was offered a flexible position with the mental health association of Texas but the position required I train full time for 3 weeks, m-f, 9-5 after training it would be on a very part time basis. I had practically already accepted the position when I was holding Lizzy I looked in the mirror that was in front of me and she looked so tiny in my arms, she was so helpless in every way, she needed me. It was the wrong time and it felt wrong to leave her for any amount of time. I didn't take the job. I was however blessed with an opportunity to work part time at night while Mike is home and Lizzy is sleeping and that worked for us until now. I feel now is a time for personal growth for Both Lizzy and I.

Lizzy at 3 months

Now when I think about leaving Lizzy to go to work I know she loves staying with grandma, I know she loves the Montessori method and we are lucky to live literally next door to a fantastic Montessori school, I also feel she has learned to communicate her needs very well for her age. All of these things will ease the transition but most importantly it doesn't feel "wrong" for me to leave her to go to work. I just remember how I felt when I thought of leaving her when she was 3 months old and how I feel now it's completely different. It is the start of something new that will benefit everyone in our little family..

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