Building Rainbows

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Last year around this same time we ordered the Lore Butterfly Garden kit and Lizzy got to see the butterfly life cycle then release the butterflies into her favorite park. This year we are doing the Lore Ladybug kit. We already got the ladybug larva in the mail and watched them go into the pupa stage and hatch into ladybug beetles! They all hatched and we have lots of little ladybugs! We have really enjoyed these kits and it's a great educational Springtime activity.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Updates and Youtube

You may have noticed I haven't been posting as much to this blog lately. Honestly, I have been losing interest in posting here with other things going on in my life so I am starting to be more interested in started a vlog type channel on Youtube to share what we do. I enjoy watching Youtube videos and all the various vlogs on there. I know I posted a while back about Lizzy making cooking videos and I do have some to posted on youtube. You can find our channel here. For now I will keep this blog going by posting here and there. I hope to start vlogging and posting on Youtube more. I will link those videos to this blog as well so anyone who is interested in watching can easily find the videos.

Some Updates on what's been going on with us:

Lizzy is going to Kindergarten next school year. The schools in Arizona are so different than how Texas is. There are so many choices whereas in Texas everyone just went to the public school in their area here in Arizona there are charter schools for all kinds of interests, you can opt to go to any other school in any other district and their are waiting lists for most of the better schools. Luckily Lizzy has been accepted to our two top choices for schools and we are excited for her to start Kindergarten.

Lizzy and I went to Houston this week to visit family and had a great time. This is our first trip together without Mike (Someone has to stay home with the dogs).  So much has changed now that Lizzy is 4 almost 5 in May. I use to have to pack so much for her when we traveled and carry on snacks and toys but now anytime we go anywhere we just go. Just a carry on for us this trip.

Lizzy and I still do lots of fun activities together but she now helps come up with activities and ideas for the kids I go see for work. Lizzy is more into math, reading, and writing cursive right now. Lizzy goes to all my work events and is very helpful. This weekend she was in her first parade for my work!

We enjoyed watching the Olympics although Lizzy doesn't watch for too long. She likes talking about the countries the athletes are from and the flags. We found a place mat at Walmart that is a map of the world we look for the countries on. Lizzy likes figure skating in her socks so I think she enjoys figure skating the best.

We have been more active lately. Lizzy and I take walks most days through the trails in our neighborhood and go swimming when it's warm for exercise. I have been focusing more on my health which is another reason why I haven't posted as much but I am happy to report that I have lost over 30 pounds. I never thought I would be back to my pre pregnancy weight!

Well I hope you all will check out our vlogs where we can share more of what's going on with us. I just posted videos from our day at the dog park!