Building Rainbows

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Very Hot Summer Days

Is it hot where you are? It was 118 degrees yesterday here where we are. Hope you're keeping cool wherever you are : )

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stampin it Up!

I haven't had much to post on lately or pics for that matter. Lizzy is enjoying the summer program at ASU all day and evenings are usually spent by the pool but on those evenings Lizzy does choose to stay in she has been enjoying stamps! We have this sorta nook upstairs where we have an old eating table we already had and Lizzy uses that space to do crafts and things right outside of the playroom area.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lizzy's Playroom

Out of all the rooms in the house this is the one I spent more time in and I think the first room that's mostly together since moving in. Not because it was hard to put together but because it was the most fun. It's Waldorf inspired with some Montessori I guess Waldessori? A work in progress but mostly complete. The sections of the room include:

An area to "Create" art

An area to "Play"

An area to "Sing"

And a storytelling and Nature Table area to display and tell stories.

I will do another post on the playroom closet as I have organized all the craft materials and other activities in there. Check back soon.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day! Lizzy and her Daddy tried out their remote control boat in the pool!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Swims

The highest temperature we've had so far has been 112 degrees! I would love a rainy day though and hopefully that will happen soon with the monsoon season. Our evenings now consist of a daily swim in our pool after dinner. I'm so glad we have a pool or I'm not sure how we would ever spend any time outside in the summer here in Arizona. Lizzy loves it and she's always loved swimming and being in the water. Lizzy swims in a Swim School float swim suit that helps her keep afloat. Lizzy appears to actually be swimming using her legs and arms to get around but once the suit comes off Lizzy struggles to swim on her own. I would really recommend the swim school suits they are awesome but swim lessons and safety are so important. Lizzy will be taking infant swim which teaches infants swimming survival skills which is awesome...I have personally seen a 6 month old swim, float, and wait for mom to get him on this program. It is amazing! For Lizzy's age by the end of the program she should know how to swim on her own and know what to do if she falls in a pool. Check out Infant Swim! I should be back to posting pics soon. Keep checking back I need to upload my pic soon. : )

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We are moving into our first home tomorrow! Mike moved most of the boxed things we had today and tomorrow the movers will move all our furniture. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have things mostly unpacked and where they need to be.

Lizzy is really enjoying the ASU preschool summer school at the teacher's college. It's definitely different than the environment that she was use to at the Montessori but she had adjusted surprisingly well and comes home happy and talking about her day. Last week was beach week and they played in kiddie pools all week. This week is art week. Lots of painting with hands and even feet then a trip to the art museum!

We hope to get Lizzy back into Montessori for the school year. The owner at the Montessori school Lizzy was going to is actually good friends with the only Montessori school in Maricopa, AZ and it appears they have similar philosophies and schools. We really hope to check that school out soon and hopefully it will be a fit. We are also excited to learn of a Montessori charter school opening up in the area but also know of other options for when Lizzy starts Kindergarten.

Work is good for Mike and I. A new office for my job will be opening closer to where we are moving and I will visiting families in Maricopa where we will live. We were pretty shocked by the low pay rates here in Arizona when we moved here but a year later and our pay is increasing. Something we did not expect but are thankful for. Here is Mike at work and what he does all day!

Explore the Moon without Leaving Phoenix.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Montessori Birthday Celebration at School

This is a video of Lizzy's Birthday Celebration at school. The parents pick out a picture of each year of the child's life and write something about what that child accomplished that year and share in the celebration. If you are not familiar with Montessori Birthday Celebrations check this link out. We have been doing our own version of the Montessori Birthday celebration at home by writing Lizzy a birthday letter each year and lighting the candles on a birthday ring that is typically used in Waldorf birthday celebrations. Lizzy's birthday was on the last day of school and every time someone had a birthday at school Lizzy wondered when her birthday would come until finally on the last day of school it was Lizzy's birthday celebration. Lizzy picked out dinosaur cookies to share with her friends and she got to bring her favorite book for her teacher to read. Lizzy's favorite book is Today I feel Silly because it says "diarrhea" in it!  Lizzy really enjoyed her day!