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Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Swims

The highest temperature we've had so far has been 112 degrees! I would love a rainy day though and hopefully that will happen soon with the monsoon season. Our evenings now consist of a daily swim in our pool after dinner. I'm so glad we have a pool or I'm not sure how we would ever spend any time outside in the summer here in Arizona. Lizzy loves it and she's always loved swimming and being in the water. Lizzy swims in a Swim School float swim suit that helps her keep afloat. Lizzy appears to actually be swimming using her legs and arms to get around but once the suit comes off Lizzy struggles to swim on her own. I would really recommend the swim school suits they are awesome but swim lessons and safety are so important. Lizzy will be taking infant swim which teaches infants swimming survival skills which is awesome...I have personally seen a 6 month old swim, float, and wait for mom to get him on this program. It is amazing! For Lizzy's age by the end of the program she should know how to swim on her own and know what to do if she falls in a pool. Check out Infant Swim! I should be back to posting pics soon. Keep checking back I need to upload my pic soon. : )

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