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Monday, March 14, 2011

This is Not my First Rodeo

This is the last week of the Livestock Show and Rodeo here in Houston and we finally made it to the Rodeo. It was an almost perfect day to go. Grandpa, grandma Tita and I were all free on a Monday when it's less crowded and the fact that it rained earlier in the day made it even less crowded. Lizzy had everything to herself and there was no waiting to see anything.
I think Lizzy was in a bit of shock to see all the farm animals she loves in one place.
Lizzy especially loved seeing the baby piglets she said she wanted to give them a hug.
Lizzy also enjoyed seeing the baby chicks. She seemed very excited to see chicks!
We have pictures on our computer of different rabbits and Lizzy was very surprised to see actual live rabbits.
Lizzy petting a rabbit

Looking at small animals
Grandma Tita and Lizzy
Lizzy and I went into the petting zoo area and Lizzy was a little unsure about petting the animals. As Lizzy walked into the petting area she accidentally stepped on a goats leg, the goat didn't flinch but Lizzy got freaked out. Eventually she pet a few goats and happily waved bye bye to the animals.
We had fun as a family. Lizzy is learning and growing so fast that this visit to the rodeo is very different than last year's visit. Last year Lizzy was a small infant riding in my baby wrap just looking around at everything new to her, this year Lizzy walked most of the time and was identifying animals and their noises, she also ate the same food we adults ate and enjoyed being together with family. Every year Lizzy will grow, learn, and understand more and more. Every moment with Lizzy now is precious time, she will never be this age again.

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  1. Amen! Such precious time. Okay, that one rabbit looks pretty huge. She is so cute bending over to look at the small animals!