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Friday, March 11, 2011

Color Sorting

Lizzy helped me paint some egg cartons for some activities we have planned. We used sponge brushes, washable paint and egg cartons. I can't stress how important washable paint is because Lizzy managed to unscrew a bottle of this paint and poured it all over the carpet in her room while I was gone for 1 sec! When I went back into the room she kept saying "purple, purple, purple" she had spilled the purple paint everywhere! The good thing is it was washable paint and we have a stream vacuum cleaner that got it right up.
These round sponge brushes are great because Lizzy is able to dip the brush in the paint and stamp the color right into the egg carton.
This is the egg carton Lizzy painted. We used it to sort her colored lacing beads.
These lacing beads have been great for Lizzy she uses them to learn her colors, count, name shapes, and she laces them, the string is also very long so she walks around pulling the laced beads like a pull toy.

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