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Monday, March 7, 2011

Preschool Open Gymnastics

Lizzy really loves going to the open gymnastics for preschoolers where she gets to run wild and try all the equipment but today she didn't stay long. After 15 minutes at the open gym Lizzy went and got her little backpack and left out the door! I caught up to her and she said she was "ready" (ready to go). Either she didn't feel well (I think she's getting sick again) or she didn't like the set up today (not all the equipment was set out today). We left open gym, had lunch with tita, then went home for a nap.
I actually tried to get a video of Lizzy today but I didn't get very much : ( ... maybe next time I will get a better video.

They just got lots of cute toddler leotards in at the gym but Lizzy didn't give me time to look at them. I can't wait to get her a cute little leotard to wear when we go to open gym. (maybe next time)

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