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Friday, March 25, 2011

Strawberry Picking at Froberg Farm

Spring is definitely here and it's time to do all those fun things we do every year here in Texas. I was very excited to take Lizzy strawberry picking this year because last year she had fun but had no concept of what a strawberry was or what it meant to pick something. Lizzy loves strawberries and she enjoys picking flowers so I knew she would have fun picking those bright red strawberries and she did! Lizzy thought it was fun to get big juicy strawberries and squeeze the juice out of them onto her cute little strawberry outfit, even her shoes had little strawberries on they have strawberry juice stains on them.

Froberg Farm is a great local place that grows it's own vegetables, fruits, and also has an array of homemade items like pies, candy, sauces, and sausage to name a few. After strawberry picking we picked up some food for dinner at their little market then headed home. We had strawberry shortcakes for dessert.

A video of Lizzy picking strawberries

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