Building Rainbows

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lizzy's Got Mail

I've always like to surprise Lizzy after her naps with something new or interesting like a tasty treat, a new toy she hasn't seen, or have an activity set up for her when she wakes. In honor of Valentines day I have been using the little mailbox from time to time to surprise Lizzy with sometime new after her nap. Well today was a long day. Lizzy woke up early and she looked tired and kinda down all day but she refused to take a nap. While she was in her crib I delivered some mail for her. A mini roses grow kit.

We put the soil in the pot and Lizzy pressed the seeds down into the soil.
We set it by the window and Lizzy would come back and check on it throughout the day. I'm sure she doesn't understand what this is all about but hopefully we'll get some sprouts soon and she can see the magic of planting seeds.


  1. Ohhhhh. More mail and side views of little Lizzy's round cheeks!! Nydia, I just had a splendid idea. Dorothy and Paul are getting lots of little chicks near the end of February, I think, and you and Lizzy should fly there to see them. And then we can see you! Dorothy's house is full of endless entertainment. Also, off the subject, have you ever watched Nursery University about the crazy preschool system in NYC? It's on NETFLIX Watch Instantly.

  2. I would love to fly out and see family and have Lizzy meet you all. I'm sure Lizzy would love it there and she loves birds so I know she would love the chicks. Maybe I can talk Mike into planning a trip out to Arizona to visit. The end of February would be hard for us. Mike is working on a mission and I will possibly be training for a new job around the same time. I love documentaries and I have seen Nursery me it was entertaining but also quite shocking as I had no idea preschool was so important in NYC and I feel there is too much pressure on the children to get into these preschools it definitely is a crazy system they have there.