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Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost Rodeo Time

Today Lizzy got to see the Trail Riders. The Trail Riders usher in the Rodeo by riding into Houston from every direction on horse and buggy. Somehow every year I am lucky enough to encounter the Trail Riders and when I do I'm basically stuck in traffic not moving very much for 30 min or so until they pass. Lizzy was with me when we encountered the Trail Riders and with us not really moving it was like a mini parade for Lizzy. I rolled down the window and Lizzy would yell "Bye bye horsey!" "Neigh Neigh" as they went by us. It was so funny.

With it being almost Rodeo time Lizzy is getting to know farm animals and the sounds they make. I can't wait to take her to the livestock show to see all the farm animals.

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  1. "Neigh. Neigh." That is so funny! Being a mom is so great with your kids to entertain you.