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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lizzy's 1st Day of School!

Today was Lizzy's 1st day of Montessori school! She will be going 2 days a week to Friendswood Montessori School. We are very lucky to have an actual Montessori school part of the American Montessori Society right next door! The school is within walking distance and the 2nd building next to the apartment complex we live in. The school as been open since 1979 in the same location. The principles of the school are unstructured play and an emphasis on outdoor play which I know is perfect for Lizzy! The school is on a wooded lot, the children are encouraged to be outside whenever possible and in the spring they help plant and care for a vegetable and fruit garden from which they eat snack from.
Here is Lizzy on her 1st day of school! As you probably know and feel today was very cold! For an outdoor school I don't even think they played outside today! In any case Lizzy did great. The teacher said she was their best student! She played well with others, didn't cry, took a 2 hour nap, and participated in class! I was very proud but also very surprised because she has never been away from Mike and I and has exhibited separation anxiety in the past. When I picked her up she was very happy so that gives me peace of mind as I was a nervous wreck all day without my baby.
When Lizzy got home she had mail! Strawberry heart shaped marshmallows! A yummy after school treat.

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  1. What a huge, huge day for both of you!! Every mom can relate to your being a nervous wreck all day. Of course she was their best student! You have given her the most amazing childhood full of love and wonderful, wonderful experiences for her heart and mind. I just cannot believe how perfect it is to have a Montessori school right next to you. It just pangs my heart to see her opening her little mailbox to find the marshmallow hearts. There is so much love wrapped up in that picture.