Building Rainbows

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Before Bed

After we get Lizzy in her pajamas we let her play a little before we dim the lights for our bedtime routine. You never know what Lizzy will choose to do and on this night she played with her tree blocks. I had to take a picture because she built such an elaborate scene with such care and balance. Only a few months back she would only stack a few of these blocks or just set them out and look at them but now she will actually try to build with attention to shape and size.

Also that night Lizzy potty trained her doll. She was playing with a diaper and I thought I would show her how the diaper goes on the baby doll but she stopped me and said potty potty and ran off with the doll to the bathroom where she taught the doll how to use the potty! I was so surprised she did that.

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  1. That is so interesting that Lizzy was potty training her doll on her own because that is actually a potty training method. You spend one whole day "potty training" first the doll then your child. I always wondered if it worked. I finally just bribed John with a Darth Vadar figure. Yes, lots of therapy in the future for that boy!