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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sticker Organization

I use to have a drawer filled with all kinds of stickers all in one drawer. Most of those stickers didn't get used and when I needed them I couldn't find them.  There are two ways I have found that work well to organize stickers is in a binder and in an over the door clear shoe organizer. Currently I mostly use the binder but I find that keeping the ones used mostly often in the shoe organizer is working well also.

So for the binder I use clear sheet protectors with labels. For the shoe organizer I pretty much do the same thing and labels the outside of each shoe organizer with a label of the type of stickers. Some of the labels are:

Valentine's Day
Independence Day
Girly stickers
Boy Stickers
Reward Stickers
And some others...but those are the main categories.

I needed to organize these stickers because we have so many and also because I use them with Lizzy and for work. Stickers are like gold for children so I need to have them handy and organized for when I need them.

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