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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Disney Nights

Lizzy is turning 4 this year and rather than having a birthday party we have decided to take her to Disneyland. We can drive there and her birthday falls on memorial day weekend so we will have extra time to enjoy and recoup from the trip. Although I don't usually buy into the whole mainstream consumerism thing when buying and making things for Lizzy I have decided to make an exception when it comes to preparing for Disneyland. I want to make it as magical as I can for her so I've done some planning. For now we are doing Disney nights at home on weekends. We pick a Disney movie to watch together and make a themed dinner and watch the movie. We started with Finding Nemo Night. We had sushi for dinner and goldfish crackers for snacks during the movie. Yes I know sushi for Finding Nemo is kinda cruel but we all love sushi. More to come on Disney Nights and Disney surprises!

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  1. What a blast! I am excited for you guys. Sushi for Finding Nemo night, haha. Fun to read all the posts now that you are back from your break.