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Friday, February 1, 2013

School Supplies Organization - Closet

I have been focusing on organizing "School Supplies" I use these with Lizzy and in the work I do. I think I will post everything I've done so far to organize these supplies because I feel it would be useful to parents, and traveling teachers like myself who have their supplies at home and take them on visits. I got most of these ideas off pinterest and so far it feels good and it makes things so much easier having everything organized and easily accessible.  First I started by organizing a linen closet with all the craft supplies in clear shoe boxes. I got all these boxes at the dollar tree so it doesn't have to be expensive to organize your materials. Some of the categories in these boxes are coloring supplies, magnets, play doh, flashcards, glue, scissors, sharpies, stamps, paints, sticks, paper, and some other things. I will be posting about organizing my stickers, Lizzy's coloring books, and other work supplies soon. 

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  1. Oooh, I love organizing posts. Our whole family is crazy about organization, ha. I want to see how you did the stickers, coloring books.