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Saturday, February 16, 2013


This post is about Math. Lizzy has learned addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all in a month. I never would have thought that would be possible but each day she knows more. I have to credit Lizzy's school for this, they are pretty amazing with children. I walked in to Lizzy's school while they were working and all the children were fully engaged in math, it also felt so calm and loving. I was amazed. At home we practice addition and subtraction using dice. With two dice your child can add them or subtract them each roll. It's easy and you can always add manipulatives for the child to use with the dice. Lizzy uses small erasers, counting bears, and some little hearts I found at the dollar tree to help in visualizing and perceiving concepts. Never underestimate how much your child can learn or how quickly they can learn.

On another more personal note,  Lizzy has been sick with a cold for over a week and I took her to the pediatrician on Wed. and it was a waste of time because he said it was a cold and she had to stick it out. My concern was her coughing all day and night which she is still doing. Today Lizzy was complaining of pain in her ear...another trip to the doctor and it's an ear infection. Poor baby is really sick this time. We have been lucky that Lizzy has never been any sicker than a runny nose, no fevers, or anything really but this time she's tired, fussy, and in pain. I hope she feels better by Monday because she was really excited about coming to work with me since she is out of school for president's day. Hoping she's better soon.

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