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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Montessori School

It was not easy to have Lizzy start Montessori school when I began working. I knew Montessori was what I wanted for Lizzy but I was unsure about the school because it is a new school and different and unfamiliar to me. In Friendswood Lizzy went to a school literally next door to where we lived, on a wooded lot, with a vegetable garden and nature center, they ate their meal outdoors, had pets in the school, and listened to the teacher's play on the grand piano. The outdoor experience and unstructured play was most important. Looking back we were very lucky to have such a school for Lizzy's first school experience. Lizzy's school now has plenty of outdoor play space, great teacher's, very small student to teacher ratios, and certified montessori teacher's with plenty of true montessori materials. Lizzy is thriving in this environment. She now writes her name, knows all her letter and sounds to each letter, and loves learning. She will be attending preschool at Bella Montessori this coming school year. I believe child led learning is so important in a lifelong love of learning. This is her last week of "summer school" then break time for 2 1/2 weeks when Tita and Tito come visit again!

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