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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

It was quite an eventful day mostly at home today. I'm sick with a cold and Lizzy is just getting over a cold she had so we tried to rest and limit stress as much as possible today. Lizzy was very excited to bake a cake with daddy. Together they made a flag cake.

Later we went outside and Lizzy played with pop its...she really enjoyed herself throwing those little noise makers.

Later Lizzy played with glow sticks and we had a fireworks light show indoors. We used uncle milton's fireworks in my room. Lizzy absolutely loved it. I think for her age it is perfect but maybe older kids may not be so impressed after a while. Also a good alternative if you have a fireworks ban in your area.

To finish the day's excitement we lit sparklers then off to bed. It was a good fourth at home.

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  1. We were in Wyoming on the 4th and were watching a little girl try out Pop-Its. Poor thing was scared to death. The first thing I thought was, Lizzy would probably love these! Haha. Love her 4th of July dress!!