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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Indoor Amusement Park

One of the things on Lizzy's bucket list is to go to an indoor amusement park. It's been hot and rainy this weekend so the indoor amusement park was good choice for us. We went to Jambo, they have a park in Mesa near us and a park in Phoenix. This is also a budget friendly option right now for summertime because they have a 50 % off coupon on their facebook page for any all day passes up to 4 people but everyday if your child is 3 it is only 6 dollars for unlimited rides. For the price and for a young child it is worth it. Otherwise for older children I would not recommend it. There are about 6 rides mostly kiddie rides, a soft play area, a jump house, and token machines to play.

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  1. Yes, can you believe this heat!? Indoor all the way. Wish I could have been there to wave at Lizzy as she zoomed by.