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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I've been busy with my first week at my new job and the usual at home. Thankfully my new jobs is better than I even thought. I know I will really enjoying working and also the flexibility the job offers. All the stresses I had about going back to work are gone and I feel truly blessed to be doing something I enjoy while still spending lots of time with Lizzy. While thinking of fun stuff to do with Lizzy I came up with a summer bucket list of things to do this summer that will keep us cool and out of this hot Phoenix weather.

Stuffington Bear Tour

Visit Natural History Museum

Play with Water Balloons

Make Banana Splits at home

Make and Launch a rocket

Go to a Baseball Game

Go to the Aquarium

Fish in the Pool or bath tub

Make Sun Tea

Make a garden Stepping Stone

Eat and Plant a pineapple

Go Ice Skating

Go to a indoor bounce House

Go to the Movies

Bake Cookies in a solar oven outside

Make a homemade puppets and have a show

Paint with Ice cubes

Go to a waterpark

Make play dough and sensory bin summer themed

Organ stop

Go to an indoor amusement park

Paint pottery

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  1. So happy that you love your new job! Sounds like it's shaping up to be a great summer.