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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adventures Out West Continued: Mt. Lemmon

Our next adventure was to Tucson, AZ. My father grew up in Tucson so he suggested we go there. We stopped and had lunch at eegees (a sandwich chain in Tucson known for their frozen drinks and subs), then stopped at my grandparent's resting place, and then headed up Mt. Lemmon to Summer Haven and Ski Valley. First we ate giant cookies at the Cookie Cabin in Summer Haven. Lizzy loved it!

Then we went into some shops in the area to stretch our legs and look around.
Finally we made it to Ski Valley where Mike and I rode the ski lift. We enjoyed the view, pine smell and cool weather. A change from summer Phoenix weather and dessert landscape.
A bear on the ski lift. Lizzy loved this.
Mt. Lemmon Observatory at the peak of the mountain.
Some of the tree damage from Aspen fire in 2003.

Despite my recent fear of mountains I'm glad and relieved that Mt. Lemmon was beautiful and not so scary. Who knows... maybe we'll even come skiing next winter.

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