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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bird Watching

Although we don't have a bird feeder we have quite of bit of feathered friends in our backyard. Lizzy really enjoys watching the birds and identifying their songs. I have enjoyed watching the birds, their behaviors and visiting patterns while sitting outside with Lizzy. We have a pair of doves that spend the whole day on the fence of the backyard. Mike even thought they were decorations! So because of our recent interest in birds I made a bird basket. The basket includes several bird guides for this area, a bird whistle, binoculars, bird seed, some materials to make a bird feeder, a wooden bird house for Lizzy to paint, and some materials for Lizzy to make some play binoculars. Gilbert, AZ has a riparian preserve that often has bird walks and bird watching tours because of the wide array of birds they have. Over 200 different birds have been spotted on this one preserve. We hope to learn more about birds then visit the riparian preserve to bird watch as a family. Today Lizzy had fun doing various bird related activities at home.

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