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Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Management Binder

I've used binders for home organization for quite a while. I have/had a local restaurants/attractions binder, coupon binder, meal plan and recipes binder, home school binder (activities for Lizzy at home), and a cleaning and home tips binder. When I moved to Arizona and was staying home with Lizzy I found it very helpful to use some of these binders to stay organized with keeping a schedule with Lizzy, to do lists, meal planning, and cleaning schedules. Now that I will be working full time I starting thinking how stressful it can be to manage a household and work.

I compiled the most used parts of all my binders into one for Mike and I to use. Categories include daily routines, to do lists for the week, assigned cleaning schedules for Mike and I, activities to do with Lizzy (Summer bucket list), Calendar, Budget and envelope system, emergency information, birthdays and holiday planning, premade meal plans and shopping lists. Hopefully this will make things easier on both of us. I know it has been helpful for me to use.

 In the binder I also have pens, markers, calculator, scissors, a file for coupons, local magazines, and other misc things like shopper cards and grocery flyers we get in the mail.

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