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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa's Last Delivery

Anytime Lizzy was asked what she asked Santa for she would say a pig and a football. I have no idea why she wanted these two things....for Christmas she got a small foam football in her stocking and lots of other toys but no pig. I could not find a pig for her that was not a stuffed toy. Lizzy has way too many stuffed toys and I refuse to buy her any at this point. Now it's after Christmas and I still hear Lizzy asking if Santa will bring a pig. So today Santa made a late delivery of a toy pig!

I finally found a pig for Lizzy. It's one of those teacup piggies that talks and had motion sensors so it responds to touch, speech, and its bottle. I also found it some cute clothes. I wanted to wait to give this to her on Three Kings Day but I just couldn't. Lizzy has a terrible cold and it sure cheered her up.

On another note, this year I took all the Christmas decor and tree down the day after Christmas. I put all of Lizzy's Christmas clothes, toys, and books away for next year that day. Later Lizzy asked for her Christmas books and happy elf. I explained Christmas was over until next year. I felt a sort od sadness from Lizzy that all the Christmas stuff was gone. Later I felt that too. I think next year I will stick with tradition and take everything down the day after epiphany (what I call kings day Jan. 6). There is many other holidays throughout the year but Christmas seems to go by so fast.

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