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Friday, December 23, 2011

Kemah Boardwalk for the Holidays

I have taken the whole week off before Christmas to spend at home with Lizzy and Mike. I am happy to be home more but each day we have a nice breakfast together, get dressed, watch some pbs kids, and after that Lizzy is restless and so am I. By this time we scramble to find something fun to do together. Today we went to Kemah's boardwalk....there was practically no one there so that was nice. We rode the train together and Lizzy rode the carousel once with me and another time with Mike. Afterwards we walked to the center of the Kemah Boardwalk area and had some warm beignets and some hot cafe au lait. This was nice since the sun went down earlier and it got more chilly out. Lizzy sure is ready for Christmas to get here!

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