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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lizzy and Daddy

It's a challenging job to be home with a toddler all day but Mike has done a great job and I can see Lizzy is much closer to him now. Lizzy has always been very close to me and I was practically a stay at home mom until she was 18 months so this has been a shift for her and I but now it's daddy's time to be home with Lizzy. Despite the circumstances I see this as a blessing. This is my opinion but I believe at such a young age a child should be home with a parent the majority of the day learning from and getting close to their parent. I wouldn't be completely at ease knowing Lizzy was being cared for by practically strangers at a daycare the majority of her day at this age. It's a struggle to be a working parent and only seeing your young child a couple hours each my opinion this doesn't feel natural. I hope whether it's Mike or I one of us is always available for Lizzy.

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