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Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Valentines Gifts

Valentine's Day is Special to Mike and I but I also want it to be special for Lizzy so I'm already thinking of small ways to make it special for her.

This is Lizzy's mailbox. It's a small mailbox from Target's dollar bins I just added her name and glued a flower onto it. I plan on surprising Lizzy with small gifts when the flag is up randomly from now until Valentines Day.
Lizzy loves Chinese chiming balls. She loves the pleasant chime they make. I found something called a fairy heart chime that makes the same sound but it is in the shape of a heart. I know she will love this.

(I think I got my reflection in the heart)
Lizzy also loves nesting toys and I had a plain set of craft nesting dolls but I didn't have the time to paint detailed dolls onto it so, I painted them solid colors, I added numbers to them because Lizzy likes "counting" right now, and wrote a word on each to make up the quote "It's what's inside that counts" the last doll symbolizes love.
I ordered a yo gabba gabba valentine's day book and a rose colored play silk to give Lizzy as well. I can't wait to start celebrating Valentines Day with Lizzy because now she gets excited and expresses herself a lot more verbally than she did even a couple weeks ago.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Everything in this post is beyond wonderful. What a cute, cute mailbox activity. So much fun for everyone. I love that chiming heart! It is perfect for her and she will keep it always. I want to make a set of nesting dolls like that myself. I love that idea and the sentiment!