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Sunday, January 23, 2011


We had a busy Saturday and like usual we try to just stay in and relax on Sundays. I haven't had my camera with me while I've been out but I tried to snap a few shots of Lizzy at home tonight but she's much more interested in playing with the camera than whatever she was doing so...taking pictures of her is getting harder to do.

Even on Sundays we try to get out to the park or something like that because Lizzy needs that time outside or she gets cabin fever. Today we didn't go out ... resulting in a restless and irritable toddler. When this happens we try to do different activities and keep her entertained and happy.

Lizzy loves the book "Little Yoga" she loves doing all the yoga poses. Here she is or what I was able to capture of her doing yoga.

Lizzy also loves to help in the kitchen. Lizzy's witching hour is usually while I make dinner before Mike comes home. She will cry and want me to pick her up and hold her while I try to make dinner. I have finally learned the solution to this problem! I now let her help me make dinner. I put her taller step stool by the counter and have her wash veggies in a bowl of water, let her mix things, or let her start setting the table. Now she's happy as a clam! It's also nice to have her set the table while I am still working in the kitchen. Basically she will take all the silverware, napkins, condiments and set them on the table. Once dinner is ready she will get her bib and go sit down to eat. I think helping me in the kitchen and with the table gives her a sense of ownership and pride over the food and meal we will eat. It also develops a rhythm that will hopefully end the crying she use to do during this time.

Now Lizzy wants to actually cook and make actual food with her play kitchen. She will ask me for water in her play pans and say "cooking". It's very funny. Here she is "cooking"

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  1. I would just love to watch Lizzy "cooking" one morning. Little kitchens are the most fun. I remember I would look at kitchen supplies for Sarah for hours. Funny.