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Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Organization - "Spring Cleaning"

I have been up to lots of cleaning and organizing lately and that has inspired this post. Mike and I have our weekly cleaning "chores" that we share but there are other cleaning needs outside the weekly chores we have so I have created a sort of "spring cleaning box" it has cleaning tasks outside of out normal cleaning chores that we draw from on the weekend to do. For example this week I drew the clean the fridge/freezer card, and mike drew the clean the carpets/sofas card. Lizzy helped with the fridge but this will be great when Lizzy is older and can complete a cleaning task on her own. Also great for larger families where each child can draw a task each week. When that task card is completed it goes into the "completed" file and once all are completed then our deep clean spring clean is completed.

As you can see the "Cleaning box" has made it's home next to the home management binder, meal planner, and my new projects binder that has all the home or activities projects I hope to do.


While I already followed Martha Stewart's cleaning routines found here. I learned of this new "spring cleaning" method from athomewithnikki on youtube. I really enjoy her channel and love how creating these systems into your home can make life and your household run so much easier.

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