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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Baskets and More

Easter is this month and Lizzy's Disneyland birthday is in May so I have created some baskets for those occasions! These are the items in Lizzy's Easter Basket:

Several Swim Suits
Dora Watch
Tooth Paste and Toothbrush
Travel Size Games
Coin Purse filled with lots of Quarters for Quarter Machines
Plush Toy

I also saw a cool idea in family fun magazine this month to put puzzle pieces in the Easter eggs you use for the hunt. Your child can hunt for eggs then build the puzzle if they have all the eggs the puzzle will be complete if not they have to keep searching. I like this idea this year because Lizzy likes puzzles and too much candy can just be a problem. I think we will do the puzzle hunt this year and have a couple sweets in Lizzy's basket.

Some Items in Lizzy's Disney Birthday Baskets:

Disney T-Shirts/Outfits and PJs
Mickey Birthday Book
Mouse Ears
Autograph book and Pen
Minnie and Mickey Backpack
Mickey and Minnie Plush dolls
Disney hair clips
Disney Photo album
Minnie Tennis Shoes

We are not telling Lizzy about going to Disney until her actual birthday. We will surprise her at the hotel with these baskets, balloons, and a call from Mickey Mouse on her Birthday letting her know what she will be doing on her birthday! Birthday dinner at Disneyland later that day!

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