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Friday, March 29, 2013

Jackpot Frisbee

Lizzy hit the jackpot on one of those kiddie slot machine type games at Peter Piper Pizza last week. I think it was only her second try at it that night that she hit the jackpot and won 250 tickets. Yes, all the little kids there crowded around to watch as the machine made all kinds of loud noises and spewed out 250 tickets.

Even though she hit the jackpot 250 tickets plus the other 50 she had doesn't get you much in terms of prizes at Peter Piper. Lizzy picked the Frisbee, a boomerang, 3 pencils, 2 notepads, and a lollipop. That weekend Lizzy tried out her frisbee and boomerang it was lots of fun! I think Lizzy's starting out well here in stop the Casinos.

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  1. Oh, man. Lucky Lizzy! Sarah and John never did hit that jackpot. Yup, take her to the casinos.