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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Pacifier Fairy

It’s official Lizzy is not a baby anymore. First Lizzy stopped the bottle, then she was potty trained, and now she has stopped using the pacifier. I hadn’t put much importance or pressure for Lizzy to stop the pacifier only because she has never had any other comfort item and she was only using it at night. But last week we couldn’t find her pacifier at night after looking for it for quite a while it popped into my head to tell Lizzy the pacifier fairy had probably come to take her pacifier to little babies that needed them. Soon after Lizzy went to sleep without her pacifier and has been ever since without any problems. To help Lizzy cope with the pacifier fairy taking her pacifier the pacifier fairy left her a note, a wand, and some money over night. Lizzy was very excited in the morning to find what the fairy had left her. This probably wasn’t the best way to stop Lizzy from using her pacifier but this is how it happened and it worked!

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