Building Rainbows

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cardboard Rocket Ship

Lizzy got an early Christmas present from her great Aunts over Thanksgiving a cardboard rocket ship! The next day Lizzy wanted to play with it so Mike and I put it together. Everyone colored parts of the rocket ship in with markers for quite a while over the next couple of days and it's no where near all colored in. I can see us all coloring it in a little each day until it's complete. Lizzy pretends she is in the galaxies, mars, and home. Lizzy and I played inside the rocket ship. It's pretty big to fit Lizzy, Bella and I. Later Lizzy put all her stuffed animals in the rocket ship for a sleepover. Lizzy has enjoyed it. It takes up quite a bit of space in our living room but Lizzy is having fun with it. When it gets too beat up or Lizzy loses interest it can be recycled so it's eco friendly too!


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