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Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Back!

Sorry for completely forgetting about this blog for a couple weeks but we are back! It's taken me some time to recuperate from our move. Here are some tidbits from our move to Arizona.

Lizzy helping pack at the apartment

Mike drove and drove while Lizzy ate and slept most of the time (thank God!).

We made it to Arizona!

Our move from Houston to Phoenix went better than I had expected. We took three days going from Houston to Fort Stockton, TX , then from Fort Stockton to El Paso where we stayed with family, and finally from El Paso to Phoenix! Lizzy ate, watched some DVDs, and slept the whole trip. We had family help move us in and we have been unpacking and settling in until today when Mike started his first day. Lizzy and I will be taking advantage of this time together while Mike is at work to explore the area and have fun.
I hope to be posting regularly now that we are mostly settled in.

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