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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pool Time!

Lizzy has always loved the water. She was already in the pool by 3 months old. One of her very favorite things is to go swimming. When we were staying in a hotel here in Phoenix the day before we moved in we took advantage of their pool and had a swim. Lizzy did great, she still loves water.

Now that we have a yard and the weather is warming up here I got Lizzy a little kiddie pool. She got to be in it one time since we got it. The weather is cooling down again here enough to make the water too cold to be in. The one time she was in it she has lots of fun splashing, kicking, and pretending she was in a bowl of soup!

Lizzy will be starting formal swim lessons next week! I took Lizzy to the store to pick out a swimsuit. She picked one with butterflies. Lizzy is very excited to start lessons. She will be in the three year old's class wish us luck!

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