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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

The start of our Easter celebration started with eggs. Hard boiled eggs for breakfast and then coloring the hot eggs with crayons (so much easier at this age). The eggs came from my aunt Dorothy's chickens, the eggs were a gift to us when we moved in and we have eaten all of them (2 dozen!) now. I found her blog about her chickens called chicken scratch. Quite interesting to check out.

On Easter morning we had a small egg hunt in our backyard. Lizzy had lots of fun finding them and then opening them to find candy inside.

Lizzy's Easter basket had stickers, finger puppets, coloring book, and her first real board games. Memory and Candy Land. Which she played immediately after.

Later we had some time with family. Lizzy's great uncle, aunt, and cousins. She had tons of fun at their house. She ate a cupcake, some chocolate, opened some Easter eggs, played and ran around. Then the real fun began when she tried all the band instruments in their home and played/sung along with her great uncle and cousins who are in a band. The music was beautiful and Lizzy really enjoyed herself.

To top everything off my very talented cousin made Lizzy a bunch of balloons that included a bear with a heart, a fishing pole with a fish on the line, a flower, a hat, and a bunny! Lizzy loved it. I viewed my cousin's website tonight and she is not only a great balloon twister but an awesome face painting artist. Check out her website and gallery.

We had a good Easter here in Phoenix. We are truly blessed!

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