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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Life has been pretty busy lately. I haven't posted much because my mind is in a lot of different places right now. Lizzy is doing great she is developing quite a grand imagination. She loves to play store, doll house, kitchen, and matching games. Lizzy enjoys acting out scenes in movies and commercials. She is pretty good at it too. I am starting to see the benefits of simple open ended toys. Lizzy can pretend these simple toys do and are so much more than they seem. We have been thinking about switching Lizzy to a bed (she still sleep in a crib). She talks about wanting a new bed but we have made a deal with her that when she goes to the potty on her own every time she can have a new bed. So far she is doing great....she may have a new bed soon.

Houston has an outdoor ice skating rink we have been wanting to try but the final week it was up we tried two time and it was too hot to skate. We have been having mid 70's weather for a couple weeks now. The weather has been kinda crazy we didn't get to ice skate this year. Maybe next year.

Can you believe in 4 months Lizzy will be 3 years old! That's been on my mind too. I look at pictures of Lizzy as an infant and think was she ever really that small. Hope to post again soon...Maybe I can get Mike to start posting too.

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