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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bella's Vet Visit

We took Bella to the vet the other day after Bella's cheek swelled up to the size of a marble (that's big on a chihuahua's face). At first we thought maybe Bella got hit by something (Lizzy) but the swelling never went down. Turns out Bella has a tooth abscess which is causing the swelling in her face. She had her dental surgery today and had a total of 10 teeth come out!! Bella was only suppose to have 1 tooth out the vet came across a bunch of loose teeth that had to go. According to the vet Bella had already lost 4 teeth on her own. Turns out Chihuahua's genetically have terrible oral health and losing teeth is common even with brushing and flossing everyday. Something I did not know so I was shocked to hear Bella lost 10 teeth. Bella gets to eat soft food from now on and get her teeth brushed daily.

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  1. That is crazy!! Hehe, was she doped up in the bottom picture?