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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lizzy's First Day of Kindergarten!

Lizzy started Kindergarten today. She was very excited this morning she even woke up before me and got herself dressed in her school clothes by herself. We got to school and I could tell she was nervous.

Lizzy wasn't sure about playing on the playground because they had wood chips but after a little while she joined in playing on the playground. Then it was flag ceremony time. That is when Lizzy lined up with with her class for the Pledge of Allegiance and school announcements.

She went on her own but as you can see in the last picture she was worried and watched me like a hawk. Finally it was that time to say goodbye and walk her to her classroom. Lizzy got to her desk but didn't want to sit down and began to cry.  I stayed with her until another teacher came for Lizzy. Lizzy calmed down and took a walk with this teacher to see the playground while I left.

I'm home now and praying Lizzy's first day goes well.  Before today I was excited for Lizzy to start school and really not very sad. But today is different I am sad and feel a little lost. What am I going to do all day today? My little shadow isn't here. Well I'm going to try to find something to occupy my time until it's pick up time and I can find out how Lizzy's day went.

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