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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lizzy Gets Her Ears Pierced!

 Lizzy has been curious about ear piercing for a while...asking why all her friends have earrings and she doesn't. I've asked her if she wanted earring and explained what it's like to get your ears pierced for the first time. Lizzy usually says she doesn't want them pierced but when her Tita was her she decided she was ready and wanted them. Lizzy picked out small blue butterfly earrings and was very brave when she got her ears pierced. She was nervous but didn't cry or flinch. Before we knew it she had both ears pierced! Lizzy was very excited and happy with her decision. It was also special that her Tita and Tito were here with her for this special time for her.

Two days later one of her earrings fell out. Lizzy was so scarred to get it back in. It broke my heart because she had been so brave and was doing so good cleaning her ears then the earring fell out. We got it back in but it wasn't easy. Her ears are healing well now but she is very careful about anyone or anything coming near her ears.

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