Building Rainbows

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Water "Painting"

Another hot summer day for Lizzy in the kiddie pool. She is a fish and absolutely loves it. Today I brought out some extra "toys" for Lizzy to explore and learn from. Some cleaning sponges, some paint stamping sponges, a paintbrush, a small watering can, and a dish for water. I let Lizzy explore the toys and find out what she would do with them. She played hockey with the cleaning sponge by kicking it back and forth and saying she was playing hockey. She used the sponge stamps on the patio to stamp the different shapes, she used the paintbrush to write her name and paint flowers onto the concrete, she used her water dish, hands and feet, to stamp on the ground. So simple, fun, and for the most part not messy.

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