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Friday, August 31, 2012

3 Year Check-Up

Between our move to Arizona, new jobs, Lizzy starting preschool, it has been hectic. Not to mention we didn't have insurance for the first time ever the month of May when Lizzy turned 3. Thankfully she is a very healthy child. So finally we took Lizzy to the pediatrician. Just a well check up and the second part of a hep shot and tb test. Lizzy did she well we are so lucky to have a child who loves going to the doctor, dentist, and soon to be eye doctor. Lizzy didn't flinch or cry when she got her shot and tb test! Afterwards I was worried she wouldn't want to go to school but she was excited to show all her friends her cool bandaids and sticker she picked out. Then later that day she pretended to be a doctor.

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