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Friday, November 18, 2011

Semi Homemade Elf on the Shelf

For those not familiar with the tale the Elf on The Shelf- he is sent by Santa (with a story book) to watch over little girls and boys during the days leading up to Christmas. Each night he flies home to the north pole to report back on how good (or bad) their child has been. In the morning, the Elf hides himself in various places around the home for the children to find him in the morning.

There is a widely popular Elf on the Shelf that comes with a book you see at most stores. I didn't like this set mostly because the elf looked creepy and not very good quality. So I started thinking if I could make my own Elf on the Shelf for Lizzy. I created a personalized Elf on the Shelf story book for Lizzy on Shutterfly's custom path. Then, I was going to make an elf when I found this cute Waldorf baby doll. It's a baby doll but it looks like an elf as well. I liked that it was open ended and Lizzy could use her imagination. Not to mention much better quality made of all natural materials. I also thought if you wanted to make our own elf on the shelf you could simply write a letter to the child from Santa on some stationary and save yourself the time of making a book. Many possibilities and it's personal, unique, and made with love. Can't wait to give this to Lizzy the day after Thanksgiving.

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