Building Rainbows

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving 2011.

This year we used a pumpkin gutter to quickly and easily gut the pumpkin. This seemed to work well. You can see from gutted pumpkin. The pumpkin gutter is just an add on you can attach to you drill.

Lizzy didn't mind the touching the slimy pumpkin or the pumkin guts.

We carved a simple traditional pumpkin face like the ones Lizzy is use to seeing in her Halloween books. We slathered the pumpkin in vaseline so it will keep and used electric tea light candles for safety.

Lizzy really likes her carved pumpkin.


  1. That pumpkin gutter is cool! How fun. I love how your pictures tell a whole story. By the way, I think Lizzy's haircut is so cute!

  2. Sorry I'm writing this as a blog comment. But I just saw the cutest thing for iphone or ipad on one of the blogs I read, Jenny B. Harris made this Halloween interactive touch book that is so cute and I thought of Lizzy!

  3. We will check it out. Looks like something Lizzy would love. We don't have an ipad or iphone but Christian has both. I'm sure Lizzy can talk him into letting her borrowing it. Thank you for the link!