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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lizzy's 1st Haircut

Lizzy had her 1st haircut today! She really doesn't have much hair but the hair she had was all over the place and often got in her eyes. I attempted to cut her hair a couple weeks back but was too scared to really trim it and I had no idea what I was doing. I cut Lizzy's bangs a little bit and that was all.

Lizzy was happy to go get her haircut but when she heard someone else using the blow dryer she cried for just a minute. Lizzy got to sit in a little car and watch Yo Gabba Gabba with a lollypop in her mouth while she got her haircut! She loved it and sat still the whole time. She did great! The haircut was a simple trim and bangs so it didn't take long at all. Lizzy's 1st haircut was a success and she got a 1st haircut certificate with a lock of her hair with date, time, her age, and stylist all listed on there with a slot for her 1st haircut photo to be inserted.

Lizzy getting her haircut

Lizzy after her haircut

We took Lizzy for ice cream afterwards and stopped at the park to let her wear off some energy.

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  1. I was wondering when Lizzy would need her first haircut. What a fun place to get a haircut.

    For some reason I can't post using my name so I'm anonymous today.