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Friday, September 23, 2011

1st time on a Boat!

We took Lizzy on a dolphin watch tour in Galveston. This was Lizzy's 1st time on a boat. Mike and I had been on this tour before and it was fun seeing all the dolphins out in their natural habitat. Lizzy was excited to be on a boat and she liked spotting other boats in the water. About 20 min. into the tour she said she wanted to go home and didn't like the boat. I think she was starting to get restless or sea sick. Lizzy moved from the front of the boat to the middle of the boat and felt better. We spotted a few dolphins out in the sea. Overall, Lizzy had a good time.

Lizzy walking on the Galveston strand. We stopped at La Kings candy factory where Lizzy got some sticky candy.

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