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Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling Working Mom

I have never been away from Lizzy other than one night when she stayed with her grandparents and now I have to travel for work and leave her behind. I feel Lizzy is aware of what's going on around her and she wants to see me everyday. I have to go to San Diego for a four day conference and Lizzy will stay with her daddy. I'm freaking out because I don't want her to wonder why I'm not home with her and I will be missing her too. I've come up with a few ways to keep in contact from afar. I bought one of those recordable books and recorded myself reading the story and added a personal message for Lizzy at the end. I read to her every night and even when I'm away she can open this book and hear my voice reading to her.

Another thing we have done is gotten webcams so we can Skype every night I'm away. Skype is free all you need is a webcam and you make video calls over the internet.

I'm working on putting photos of Lizzy and I in her toy photo album. Lizzy has always enjoyed looking at photos of our family so we have a couple toy photo albums with photos in it for Lizzy to look at.

I got Lizzy a gift to open the night I leave. It's a bumble bee pillow pet with a message "Mommy will bee home soon. I love you. See you soon." I figure she can cuddle with it and sleep with it while I'm away.

So far that's all I have planned but I hope to include her in packing and explain to her that I'm leaving for a few days but will be back. Thankfully, my job doesn't require a lot of travel because I'm a wreak thinking about leaving Lizzy for a few days. If you have any tips please comment!

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  1. There's no getting around it, you will miss your baby. And think of her constantly. I always thought the kids handled it better than the mom (me).