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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Changes to our Rhythm

We will be experiencing some changes to our rhythm again. I stayed home with Lizzy until she was 20 months and at that time she started Montessori School 2 days a week in preparation for when I started working. When Lizzy was 21 months I began working and Lizzy started going to her grandma Tita’s 3 days a week and 2 days a week to school. The transition from being home with Lizzy to working was not as hard has I had imagined. We don’t do as many activities as we did together before I started working but we have dinner every night, and time to play and relax a bit before Lizzy goes to bed.

Now things will be changing again because Mike will be home now that he has been laid off from his job. Lizzy will go to grandma Tita’s 2 days a week and Mike will be home with Lizzy the other days. Lizzy will not be going to Montessori school anymore. Lizzy really liked going to school but she prefers staying home with daddy or Tita so we are eliminating that expense and Lizzy is happier anyway. Lizzy will be starting dance classes and gymnastic classes to allow her time to be around other children her age and get some energy out. I have a flexible schedule and hope to adjust my schedule to be home earlier most days.

We hope this change is temporary and short but for now we will make it work.

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