Building Rainbows

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lizzy's 1st Dentist Visit

Now that Lizzy is 2 she has almost all her teeth, minus her molars. Lizzy likes to brush her own teeth if I help she bites down on the tooth brush so I can't brush for her. I'm always worried she's not brushing enough or well enough. So, we went to the dentist for an exam and cleaning.

That morning Lizzy got up, took a bath lightening fast, and got dressed the fastest I've ever seen her. She kept saying dentist, dentist so she was very excited and really to go to the dentist. We got there and she was still excited and happy. Lizzy got x rays done, teeth cleaning, and fluoride without any fuss. She was a perfect angel letting them clean her teeth....I don't think they believed me about my struggles cleaning Lizzy's teeth.

X Rays and waiting on the Dentist

Lizzy sat in the Dentist's chair in consultation room. The dentist loved Lizzy. We will be back in 6 months for the next cleaning.


  1. Your baby girl is so courageous! She was even excited to visit the dentist. You're so lucky to have a kid like her. Going to her dentist for few checkups and procedures won't be a problem for you in the future.

  2. She is a brave young girl to have had that eagerness to go to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned and all that. She's certainly a patient any dentist would look forward to serving. In fact, considering the way she was all excited to visit the dentist, she might even become a dentist one day!